Six ways to rescue a failing cloud migration

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If your organisation’s cloud migration isn’t going to plan, you’re not alone. The stats for a failing cloud migration vary between sources, but the fact is that many don’t deliver the expected outcomes. The process takes too long. Cloud costs are too high, and difficult to manage. Some migrations result in serious performance problems due to technical issues.

Whatever stage you’re at in cloud migration, if things aren’t going right, you need to take action. It is possible to get back on track, but first you need to understand where and why things are going wrong.

In my experience, there are six common issues that can lead to cloud migration problems. Here, we look at how to address them and turn a failing migration around.

1. Ensure expectations are aligned and realistic

Sometimes a ‘failing’ cloud migration is simply one that is still en route to success. It’s all about the perception of different stakeholders. This problem can often arise…


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