Starting With Microfrontends

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March 30, 2023

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Micro frontends is one of several architectural approaches that help developers to break down large web applications into smaller, independent parts.

Each micro frontend application represents a self-contained feature or module that can be developed, tested, and deployed separately from the other micro frontend applications.

This article provides a practical guide for organizations wishing to adopt micro frontends. For further reading on micro frontends, read our previous post “Microfrontends: Microservices for the Frontend”.

Slicing the Monolithic Application

The main challenge with adopting the micro frontends architecture isn’t technical. Instead, the discussion often involves the product team and relates to your vision of the application.

Luca Mezzalira defines two ways of slicing monolithic applications:

  1. Vertical slices: slices are defined by URLs, and each page is sliced into its own micro frontend application.
  2. Horizontal Slices: pages are…


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