Summary of pCloudy’s New Pricing Plan

1 Year Subscription

This summary should help you understand the key upgrades we have made in terms of the Pricing and Benefits. We hope this page is helpful and urge you to read it in full to take advantage of the new pricing terms.

A Snapshot of the Pricing Plan Changes

The earlier pricing model was tailored in a way that you pay for the amount of usage. However, we have realised that it started to become difficult for enterprises to manage the credits and pay for additional minutes every time. And so, we rolled out the new pricing model to take away the hassle of credit and usage management.

The New Pricing Regime gives you access to unlimited device usage without having to worry about the minutes of usage. You will simply need to pay for the number of users who will access the platform to provide them with unlimited access to the different types of Testing.

Pricing Plan

The Pricing plan is divided into two main segments namely the Mobile and Web App Testing. You can choose your plans and pay for them…


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