Test Automation Using Selenium ChromeDriver

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As per the browser market share, Google Chrome is said to be the most used cross-platform browser in the world. Every new chrome version comes up with an exciting feature that hikes the importance and usage of the chrome browser. Hence, it becomes essential to test our web application on such a high-rated browser.

Performing different test cases manually on different chrome versions can be hectic and challenging. To overcome this challenge, it is necessary to perform test automation on the chrome browser. 

Selenium is an open-source project offering a variety of tools and libraries for web browser automation. It is primarily used to write scripts to automate the end-user interactions and to test site functionality in a much faster way.

Chrome officially provides an OS-dependent driver which establishes a connection between Selenium WebDriver and Google Chrome browser. Once the connection gets established, we are good to go with selenium tests on the chrome browser.

What is Selenium…


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