Test Orchestration and Its Need for Successful Automation

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We all know, the biggest challenge for any organization is the changing needs of the customers and finding a way to address these quickly without any compromise on quality. Agile Software Development methodology followed by most organizations plays a crucial role in handling this competitive situation. The Agile approach demands integrating the product component, deploying the product in a pre-production environment, and test it quite frequently. A streamlined test orchestration processwould help accomplish this. Test automation orchestration helps developers enhance the testing processes by eliminating the probabilities of human errors in the process.

Let us get to the roots to understand the wordorchestration. An orchestra is a collection of musical instruments playing in synchronization led by a conductor to create a harmonious melody. Here, we can relate orchestration as the set of tests working in sync to create a harmonized software testing. In simple terms, orchestration is…


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