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Test Reporting and its significance in Continuous Testing

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June 16, 2021

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Every organization wants to win the competition, and one way to achieve this is by delivering the best products and services. Companies rely on Software testing, which is one of the fundamental aspects of the Software development Life Cycle, to ensure that products and services are up to the mark and are market-ready. For achieving a desired level of quality, test reporting analysis becomes an essential part of the process. If the test reporting is carried out diligently and at the right time, the test analysis report and feedback thus obtained can be of great advantage to your development lifecycle. Let’s understand in detail about test reporting, challenges with its execution, components of an ideal test analysis report, etc.

What is a Test Report?

A software testing report is a synopsis of all the test activities of the team, test objectives, and the results of a testing project.

  • It helps in appraising how well testing was performed and identifying the reasons behind…


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