The #1 DevOps transformation mistake organisations are making

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In the 7.5 years we’ve been working in DevOps what’s the #1 DevOps Transformation mistake we keep seeing over and over again?

The Answer? Rushing into launching an entire DevOps transformation programme before making the case for WHY the “status quo” is no longer good enough. 

Most transformation efforts fail

It’s no secret that change is hard and most transformation efforts fail. Leading a change programme is probably one of the hardest things you might do in your career. Too many change teams are action-oriented, and they want to rush into the actual change activities themselves (training, new tools, new ways of working etc) before they have laid the groundwork for the transformation.  

The #1 thing any change team needs to do FIRST is to explain why the “status quo” is no longer good enough BEFORE any discussion of the solution (e.g. a DevOps transformation). 

Creating a sense of urgency

John Kotter calls this…


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