The Best Way To Build Android Apps In Kiosk Mode Using Esper

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In our previous blogs we talked about what a kiosk is and how these devices are surging in popularity today. We have also discussed some of the key strategies for kiosks that will keep customers coming back to your brand, product, or service, every time.

In this blog, let’s dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of how to actually build Android apps in Kiosk mode. It will be more technical in nature but we hope that this will inspire you to implement a dedicated kiosk build strategy.

A Quick Pulse-check: What’s The Purpose Of A Kiosk?

When it comes to kiosks, a question may arise, “What does a kiosk do?” A kiosk can take many form factors ranging from stand-up units to simple tablets mounted on a counter. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume, “a kiosk is a dedicated device that is locked down and focused on completing a specific set of pre-arranged tasks”. It may be used for gathering customer feedback, for selecting food items, or for checking into a…


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