The Complete CSS Animations Tutorial [With Examples]

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Animation can bring creativity, enthusiasm, grab the user’s attention, convey things quickly, and improve usability. Recently, there has been a rise in the use of animation on websites and web apps. CSS Animations are an excellent way to create visual animations that are not restricted to a single motion like CSS Transitions but are far more developed. With that thought in mind, CSS developers thought of introducing them to their library as CSS Animations.

Indeed, we can build some stunning animations using JavaScript and jQuery, but this is an expensive approach. For example, processing speed, cross browser compatibility, and code complexity are considered when designing animated UI.

css animation tutorial


In this CSS Animations tutorial, we will learn the concept of CSS animations and break the animation down into smaller units to understand the underlying concept. Later, we would make animations and run them on the web page.

Let’s begin with our CSS Animations…


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