The DroidDev Cast: Why Accessible Design is Universal

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Several weeks ago, Esper launched the DroidDevCast, a weekly podcast where we explore all things Android, DevOps, open-source, and COSU. In our fourth installment, Esper Content Marketing Manager and podcast host Rin Oliver interviewed Soren Hamby, A11y Project Maintainer, and previous Design Advocate at InVision, about accessible design. Hamby and Rin discussed why accessibility matters and how to make sure your designs enable others.

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What is Accessible Design?

Accessible design is “universal,” says Soren Hamby. “A lot of people think of accessibility as being specifically for people that have physical disabilities and use assistive tech.” But, it’s a design that accommodates everyone’s needs.

“I’ve been trying to work on expanding my ideas of accessibility to include equal.” Accessible design users, according to Hamby, may have other access needs instead of a disability.

“Access…is the ability to access…


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