The Esper APIs – Turn App and Device Management into Code

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Any enterprise managing a device fleet would know the challenges of juggling all the balls – security, budgeting, development, data loss, user experience, and more. An additional burden is that a majority of device and fleet management solutions are oriented around a traditional IT perspective.

That’s where the trouble starts- monolithic tools just don’t cut it when it comes to device fleet management in the age of digital transformation. While there are some platforms that have a few technology integrations, the APIs are inadequate.

The most common pain points from a technology standpoint include:

  • Frequent and repetitive tasks are especially difficult during the
    development process (it’s bad enough with 5 devices, try a whole development lab!)
  • Provisioning apps on development devices can be painstaking (especially months after deployment for a repro)
  • Handling the management system and keeping up with OS updates and patches

As a developer, your first thought…


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