The lack of cloud skills is hindering cloud progress

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It’s not really news anymore. Gartner recently stated that the current lack of skilled IT workers is foiling the adoption of cloud, edge computing, and other technologies. Note, these are all cloud related in one way or another.

In its “2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap” based on surveys of 437 global firms, Gartner discovered that IT executives see the talent shortage as the largest barrier to deploying emerging technologies, mostly cloud-based technologies such as databases, machine learning, advanced storage, and analytics, all of which are easily weaponized for strategic purposes for the business.

For instance, a manufacturing business is seeking to digitally enable its supply chain systems to improve business outcomes. It learned from the pandemic-caused shortages that there was no easy way to work around missing components that stopped a product from being manufactured and sold. You only need to look at the acres of cars and trucks…


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