The pandemic-driven rush to cloud is compromising security

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Oh, what a cloud year 2020 was. Cloud spending grew by 37% in the first quarter of 2020 alone as many quickly understood that COVID-19 would leave them vulnerable if they were still using traditional data centers. Seeing a hockey stick in revenue and enjoying the urgency to drive processes remotely and securely, cloud service providers had an unexpectedly successful year.

Core to this was a rush on public clouds and those who knew how to migrate and build cloud applications. Despite the fact that everyone was working out of their bedrooms, enterprise IT, consulting firms, and the cloud providers themselves were able to keep up with demand and accelerate the movement to the cloud, for the most part.

Although the adoption of cloud computing—either fear-based or otherwise—is perhaps a silver lining to the pandemic, it has caused some new risks as well:

  • Security planning has taken a back seat to being expedient.
  • Haste has meant that many cloud…


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