The pesky reality of multicloud

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If only those cloud vendors would stop innovating, we might eventually settle on “lowest common denominator” commodity services that could make “multicloud” more of a reality. I’ve been writing about this for years; namely, that while vendors peddle the ability to run workloads across multiple clouds, the reality is that each cloud provider has native services that simply aren’t available on rival clouds. You can wish that weren’t true, but it’s true all the same.

And getting more true all the time.

Even the most cursory of reviews of the work that Microsoft, Google, Amazon, or Alibaba are doing suggests there really is no such thing as commodity services. But does this mean multicloud is completely, utterly dead? No, as MongoDB and others seem determined to demonstrate. 

There’s no such thing as commodity in the cloud

But first, the dream! Workloads that magically work across different clouds! Analyst Corey Quinn, however, is skeptical….


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