The Story Behind Dunelm’s 360° Digital Transformation

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Dunelm is a billion-dollar British home furnishing retailer with 169 superstores, three high street stores, and over a hundred in-store coffee shops throughout the United Kingdom. It is listed on LSE (London Stock Exchange) and has been a major retailer for homewares in the country.

Like many other brick and mortar retailers, Dunelm came up against a challenge about meeting the modern tech-savvy consumer demands with legacy infrastructure. After careful planning and execution, the company started its digital transformation journey in 2017. By October 2019, the entire platform was rebuilt and redesigned to give a faster digital experience to all of its customers in a more optimal manner.

To talk about this amazing transformation, we successfully hosted a webinar in collaboration with Dunelm on 17th February 2020. The host, Harshit Paul, Digital Marketing Manager at LambdaTest, got together with the panel from Dunelm consisting of Stuart Day- Head of Quality,…


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