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There are Unicorns on the Mainframe

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June 05, 2022

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I just finished reading the “The Unicorn Project: A Novel About Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data” by Gene Kim. If you are not familiar with the book, the story follows Maxine and Kurt, employees of a car parts retailer and manufacturer named Parts Unlimited. After a production issue, Maxine is reassigned to the Phoenix Project, a massive transformative project that spans almost every platform in the company. When Maxine tries to do a build on the Phoenix Project and is unable to get it working, she is introduced to Kurt and the Rebellion. The Rebellion is a group of engineers within IT trying to transform the company and the way they do work. In working with the Rebellion, Maxine and Kurt lead a total transformation of Parts Unlimited by focusing on the “Five Ideals.”

  • The First Ideal: Locality and Simplicity
  • The Second Ideal: Focus, Flow, and Joy
  • The Third Ideal: Improvement of Daily Work
  • The Fourth Ideal: Psychological Safety
  • The Fifth…


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