Top 10 Cross-Browser Compatibility Pain Points For Developers

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Developers are dealing with cross browser compatibility issues for some time now. The question that always looms in their minds is how we can give the best user experience to everyone despite the differences in the underlying mechanism of the browsers and the features they support?

With many people connected to the internet on different devices using their choice of web browser, web developers don’t see a single browser as their target. Instead, everyone wants to gain a competitive edge by providing the best user experience. Hence, bridging the gap between legacy and modern browsers is an essential task for developers globally.

In this post, we will deep dive into some major pain points that cause browser compatibility issues for developers. Let’s go!

Internet Explorer: What went wrong?

In the survey conducted by MDN, Internet Explorer was found to be the most troublesome browser by 70% of the respondents.

Internet Explorer


Once dominating the browser market, Internet Explorer has…


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