Top 10 DevOps Things to Be Thankful for in 2021

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Thanksgiving has been observed in the U.S. since 1861 and was officially designated as an official holiday in 1863 by president Lincoln. Of course, the tradition itself traces its lineage to the early days of the Pilgrims.

This past year, of course, has been one of recovery from a pandemic that caused the deaths of millions of people around the world. Vaccines have saved the lives of countless more, so there is much to be thankful for despite all our recent trials and tribulations. In that spirit, there are more than a few things for DevOps professionals, in particular, to be thankful for this year starting with:

Digital business transformation: Organizations of all sizes have had to adjust their business models because of both major changes in buyer behavior and an ongoing supply chain crisis. DevOps teams are at the core of any major digital business transformation initiative, so the demand for DevOps expertise continues to outstrip the available supply. Going forward, it’s been…


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