Top 5 Browser Compatibility Issues in CSS For Developers in 2021

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Compatibility on the web has always been a big challenge for developers. […] The goal in 2021 is to eliminate browser compatibility problems in five key focus areas so developers can confidently build on them as reliable foundations. – Google

Browser compatibility has always been an issue for web developers, specifically in recent times. Maybe due to an ever-increasing size of CSS library with newer frequent additions. Or because of the browser rules that prohibit certain properties from flourishing to their maximum extent.

Browser compatibility issues in CSS are not only a burden for web developers but the browser developers too. This allowed browser compatibility testing to take a new shape in the past decade, with tools emerging around the globe with a larger emphasis on cloud testing to solve this problem.

This post is the direct result of the latest MDN survey that highlighted the various aspects of web development, including browser compatibility.

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