Top 5 Tips for Successful Mobile Application Testing

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There are millions of mobile apps available in the market today. The statistics shows that since 2016, on an average around 6000 apps on Google play store and 1400 on the Apple store have been released every day. In order to be hassle free and to be on top of the competitors, an app needs to be stable and be properly tested.

Testing on mobile devices could be very challenging as it has to constantly be in touch with the new updates, new features and a myriad of DevOps tools that get introduced every time to ensure better performance and reliability of the mobile app.

Hence, there are many factors that have to be considered while framing the testing strategy in order to avoid all kinds of uncertainties in the app performance, just needs a right planning.

Below are five strategies every mobile testing team should keep in mind in order to reap the most benefits from their QA efforts.

1. Real Environment Testing is a must
2. Testing Automation
3. Functionality Testing
4. Performance and Load…


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