UI Testing in Swift

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In this article on Unit Testing in Swift, we covered how to get started with unit testing, using examples written for testing a single unit of code. In your journey as an iOS developer, however, you’ll want to test user interfaces as well. UI tests interact with your app, similar to how your user does. In this article, we’ll look at how you can test these types of scenarios. We’ll write tests for navigating through an app and interacting with elements on the screen.

In this introductory article about UI testing, we’ll cover the following:

  • Adding a UITesting target
  • Understanding XCUIElement
  • Writing your first UI test
  • Writing a second UI test
  • Recording a UI test
  • Taking screenshots
  • Automating UI testing using fastlane and Semaphore

Let’s get started!

What is UI Testing?

As the name suggests, UI testing is all about testing the user interface and interacting with the elements on the screen using tests. This will help you ensure and validate that the UI part of the…


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