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Understanding ReplicaSet vs. StatefulSet vs. DaemonSet vs. Deployments

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May 24, 2023

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When you begin learning about Kubernetes, you hear about the different types of sets it supports and start wondering about their differences.

Understanding the nuances and distinctions between these key concepts becomes crucial as you navigate the complex — yet rewarding — waters of container orchestration.

In this blog, I am going to go over each type and explain the differences between them, so that you can understand how exactly we use each set, how they differ from each other, and the purpose that each serves.

Prerequisites: A beginner-level familiarity with Kubernetes and its purpose will be enough to understand the details of this blog. This blog’s audience is both expert professionals and beginners. Have fun reading 😄.

Kubernetes Controllers

Each of these sets is what’s called a Kubernetes object. More specifically, they’re called Kubernetes controllers. A controller’s job is to monitor the current state of a resource such as pods or…


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