Understanding WAGI, the WebAssembly Gateway Interface

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Microsoft continues to do interesting open source work through its Deis Labs team. Here you’ll find important Kubernetes tools like Helm and CNAB, as well as a set of intriguing WebAssembly projects. Having a group like Deis is important for Microsoft. It allows Azure to experiment with new cloud-native technologies without committing to launch, while providing it with a useful point of contact with standards bodies and open source foundations.

Deis’ work with WebAssembly is particularly interesting. It’s clear that Microsoft is concerned about the limitations of containers as the lowest level of cloud-native application development. Significant overhead makes containers impractical for many edge applications, especially where small devices come into play. They’re an issue in larger-scale distributed applications where you want the isolation of containers but don’t need to run a complete operating system, using serverless models outside of…


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