Updates on Hub Rate Limits, Partners and Customer Exemptions

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The gradual enforcement of the Docker Hub progressive rate limiting enforcement on container image pulls for anonymous and free users began Monday, November 2nd. The next three hour enforcement window on Wednesday, November 4th from 9am to 12 noon Pacific time. During this window, the eventual final limit of 100 container pull requests per six hours for unauthenticated users and 200 for free users with Docker IDs will be enforced. After that window, the limit will rise to 2,500 container pull requests per six hours. 

As we implement this policy, we are looking at the core technologies, platforms and tools used in app pipelines to ensure a transition that supports developers across their entire development lifecycle. We have been working with leading cloud platforms, CI/CD providers and other ISVs to ensure their customers and end users who use Docker have uninterrupted access to Docker Hub images. Among these partners are the major cloud hosting providers, CI/CD…


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