Webinar: Understanding SpecFlow Framework and Running Tests on Cloud Selenium Grid

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Software depends on a team of experts who share their viewpoint to show the whole picture in the form of an end product. In software development, each member of the team makes a vital contribution to make sure that the product is created and released with extreme precision. The process of software design, and testing leads to complications due to the availability of different types of web products (e.g. website, web app, mobile apps, etc.).

The best way to eliminate this issue is to have a proper communication system between all stakeholders. Improved product quality can be achieved by involving a diverse set of members (e.g. product managers, software managers, non-technical members, and more) in the software testing process. This is where Behaviour Driven Frameworks (BDD) can play an instrumental role, as the test scenarios are written in simple and understandable English language. SpecFlow is one such BDD framework that is extensively used by the…


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