We’re Now Live With LambdaTest TeamCity Plugin

1 Year Subscription

2020 has proved turbulent for many businesses. But with your support, we’ve weathered the storm surprisingly well. And since this year is about to end and the holiday season is upon us, we thought it is time to show our loyal customers our appreciation and bestow them with gifts and love. So, before you pull out your cozy pullovers, start making that delicious eggnog and unwrap your presents, let us drop in our share of holiday gifts to your ever-growing pile. This time, we have a brand-new TeamCity plugin to introduce!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

TeamCity Plugin

TeamCity is a Java-based CI/CD tool created by JetBrains, the producer of other useful tools such as PyCharm, IntelliJ Idea, RubyMine, ReShaper, and more. It offers source control, build chain tools, and detailed build history – features are not available in a free tool like Jenkins (Read: TeamCity vs Jenkins).

It can be installed on Windows and Linux servers. It also provides support for the .Net…


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