What Is Canary Deployment?

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In another post, we talked about blue-green deployments. In this one, we’ll learn about another deployment strategy, which shares the same advantages but is less risky and often leads to better insights.

Continuous integration has changed the way we develop software. But a CI environment is different from production, and synthetic tests are not always enough to reveal problems. Some issues only appear when they hit production, and by that time, the damage is already done. Canary deployments allow us to test the waters before jumping in.

What Is Canary Deployment

In software engineering, canary deployment is the practice of making staged releases. We roll out a software update to a small part of the users first, so they may test it and provide feedback. Once the change is accepted, the update is rolled out to the rest of the users.

Canary deployments show us how users interact with application changes in the real world. As in blue-green deployments, the canary…


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