What Is New In Selenium 4 And What Is Deprecated In It?

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Selenium 4 has been gaining immense attention since the time it was publicly announced by Simon Stewart, the founding member of Selenium in August 2018. Though there are no updates on the official release date of a stable version of Selenium 4, developers and Selenium explorers, have the opportunity to try out Selenium 4 features by downloading the Alpha version of Selenium 4. So what is new in Selenium 4, and where does Selenium 3 vs. Selenium 4 comparison stand in terms of features?


In this blog, we deep dive into what is new in Selenium 4 and analyze some of the ‘awesome’ Selenium 4 Alpha Features. At the time of writing this article, Selenium 4.0.0-alpha-7 was the latest Alpha release of Selenium 4. If you are someone looking to migrate from Selenium 3 to Selenium 4, this blog will act as a guide to understand what is deprecated in Selenium 4. A look at the deprecations in Selenium 4 will help in ensuring that migration from Selenium 3 to…


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