What is PaaS? A simpler way to build software applications

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Platform as a service (PaaS) is an enabler for software development where a third-party service provider delivers a platform to customers so they can develop, run, and manage software applications without the need to build and maintain the underlying infrastructure themselves.

Most platforms as a service include templates or build packs, which provide an opinion as to how certain types of applications should be built, typically around the popular 12-factor methodology. This is why PaaS options are often labeled “opinionated” and are best suited for new, greenfield applications.

The advent of cloud computing opened the door for companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google to pull together the key building blocks required to launch an application into an opinionated platform, with the aim of simplifying many of the trickier and repetitive tasks required to deploy code down to a single command or click of the mouse.

This simplification…


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