What your MDM doesn’t want you to know about switching to Esper (hint: it’s easy!)

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Many teams feel stuck with their existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and do their best to make it work — customizing and replacing the cloud infrastructure with a more robust back-end. This process is expensive and time-consuming. 

If your existing MDM workflow doesn’t involve active monitoring or application management of devices in the field, your company, devices, and end-user experience are all at risk. When these devices go offline unexpectedly, it’s not just an inconvenience — business comes to a halt. Travelers can’t check-in at the airport, diners can’t make payments at restaurants, and hospital patients who need constant monitoring are put in danger.

This is a common problem. So why are traditional MDMs still failing you?

Of the many MDM solutions in the market, none of them are developer-focused. Most are catered toward IT operations and designed for corporate-owned devices or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios. However, today’s…


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