What’s the foundation of DevOps success? 500 professionals gave us their take

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Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen DevOps go from an idea to a movement. The promise of DevOps – breaking down the siloes between development and operations to achieve faster software delivery and improved reliability – is now a reality for thousands of organizations.

While Atlassian has had a front-row seat to this shift, we wanted to know more about the state of DevOps today. In February of this year, we conducted a survey of 500 professionals to gauge their success in bringing DevOps to their organization, including the barriers they faced, and the impact of tools and culture on their work. 

We identified three major trends in the results, with one primary theme. The path to DevOps is a matter of when, not if, but there are still obstacles along the way.

Trend #1: DevOps is now a corporate term

Similar to how agile started as a buzzy trend in the early 2000s and evolved into a universal way of working, DevOps is now mainstream. Our research shows…


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