What's the real value of multicloud redundancy?

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I’ve been hearing the arguments about the use of multicloud: best-of-breed cloud services, cost performance optimization, and, of course, redundancy by leveraging more than a single cloud provider brand.

Businesses are using one cloud as a primary and a second cloud as a hot standby. Most are assuming that there will be a major outage or denial-of-service attack with Cloud A and they can fail over to Cloud B. This is multicloud redundancy and it is gaining in popularity now that multicloud is a thing. 

But it’s not the only solution. Most major cloud providers offer secondary data centers for high availability or the ability to leverage physical regions to provide redundancy. Relying on the business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities at a second cloud provider level for most outages and attacks will not stop your first cloud provider from…well…providing.

Although there have been a few public cloud outages over the years, there has been…


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