What's your multicloud maturity level?

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Many enterprises are already using a multicloud but don’t know how they got there or where to go next. This is due to the random cloud adoption patterns happening within most enterprises and the movement to just implement something and figure out how to make it work after it’s in production.

Those leveraging multicloud are all over the place when it comes to adoption, operations, and maturity, but it is possible at this point to begin to label the adoption patterns that I’m seeing and where companies sit in the spectrum of multicloud adoption maturity.

Multicloud by circumstance. This is largely a result of “showdown IT” from a few years ago. Some department within a company adopted a public cloud provider not yet supported by IT, typically in support of some tactical need, such as running the sales analytics application they want that only works in a single public cloud provider. 

At some point, operating their public cloud becomes too costly…


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