Why 5G makes automation essential for telecom operators

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The evolution to 5G will open a world of new opportunities for telecommunications businesses across a broad spectrum of enterprise and vertical markets. Greater bandwidth, faster speed, and lower latency allow the creation of new types of applications from remote surgery, to autonomous vehicles, to smart factories. Network slicing makes it possible to serve multiple customers or markets through a single 5G network. Deployed in tandem with workloads operating on Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), 5G will play a foundational role in a new era of computing architecture. It’s an exciting time to be in telecommunications—but to capitalize fully, operators will need to maximize the speed and agility of 5G deployment and operations at scale. That makes automation a mission-critical capability for the modern telecommunications business.

Meeting the operational needs of 5G

Supporting 5G poses new operational challenges in two ways. To begin with, network complexity grows significantly…


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