Why digital transformation needs psychological safety

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Psychological safety is a hot topic in IT circles. It has an important role to play countering the burnout epidemic rife in the tech sector. And it’s also a critical factor for digital transformation.

What is psychological safety?

Definitions of psychological safety invariably draw on the words of Amy Edmondson, the pioneer of psychological safety in the workplace. She describes it as “a shared belief that [a] team is safe for interpersonal risk taking”.

So, it’s about the softer factors of team dynamics, such as trust, respect and feeling comfortable with the people around you. But make no mistake, it is firmly aligned with harder factors too.

If you want to get ahead of the competition with innovative products that drive customer satisfaction and commercial success, psychological safety needs to be high on your agenda.  

What’s this got to do with digital transformation?

A core principle of digital transformation is the formation of…


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