Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

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The control which designers know in the print medium and often desire in the web medium is simply a function of the limitation of the printed page. We should embrace that the web doesn’t have the same constraints and design for this flexibility. But first, we must ‘accept the ebb and flow of things.’ – John Allsopp, “A Dao of Web Design”

John Allsopp’s insightful words have become a reflection of what we see now in CSS and other aspects related to web design. I am often perplexed about whether we influence the market or the market is influencing us. This cycle of change has led to the concept of responsive web design which is now playing an integral role in the lives of web developers (and designers).

Responsiveness is not a part of the web design checklist today, but is considered a de facto property that is understood but never spoken of. So how come this design strategy became so important within such a short span of time? Let’s look at what has influenced…


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