Why Mobile App Performance is Critical for Successful Mobile Testing

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‘Metrics’. This term has become one of the widely used terms today in enterprise mobility especially for measuring mobile app performance.

Let us first understand why are the metrics are so important to analyze the performance of an app.

Generally, app developers consider mobile app performance testing as an afterthought. Mobility teams have to meet stringent deadlines and for them, testing the performance of an app has the least priority. To them, passing the functional tests meet all critical criteria for launching an app. Well, let us find out why is performance such an important criterion for mobile app testing.

1. Speed wins: As per the Compuware report, users expect their apps to load in about two seconds. This can even be proven right by the SEO reports from Google, which considers the site speed as an important parameter for Page ranking.

It is important for mobility teams to understand that your users want their apps to respond in about two seconds or less. Anything…


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