Why Selenium WebDriver Should Be Your First Choice for Automation Testing

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Selenium is the name that comes on top of our minds whenever we talk about automation testing. It has been the most preferred automation testing tool, loved by testers and developers worldwide. There are many automation testing tools available in the market, then why choose Selenium? Let’s understand some basics before moving ahead with the possible reasons for choosing Selenium WebDriver for automation testing.


Selenium was developed in 2004 by a global software company called Thoughtworks for internal purposes to automate testing of web applications. In the earlier days, testers worldwide used Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that only worked with Firefox. Due to this downside, Selenium IDE was improvised to become Selenium RC that supported automated testing on multiple browsers. And then Selenium Webdriver came in with many advanced features and functions making it an irresistible tool for automated testing.

What is Selenium?

Selenium does…


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