Why Test Automation Fails? Top Reasons (+ Solutions)

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We all know that test automation can work wonders for our business. It can help us reduce cost, save time and effort, get quicker feedback, etc. thereby directly contributing to increased productivity and maximization of profits. But to get good results from automation testing, you need to avoid mistakes as they can result in wastage of automation efforts.

Now, you can learn from your own mistakes or learn from others’ mistakes and avoid making them. As best-selling author Roy H. Williams says, that’s the difference between being smart and being wise. To help you be wiser, we have enlisted a few mistakes that led to test automation failure and tips to overcome them.

Some Facts & Figures

According to the World Quality Report, only 14~18% of organizations have basic test automation tools in place. Choosing the right test automation tool is of utmost importance to reap long-term benefits from automation testing. The test automation strategy should be built…


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