WTH? We Wanna WFH | DoD Dual-Sources JWCC | More Nvidia ARM Woes

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Welcome to The Long View—where we peruse the news of the week and strip it to the essentials. Let’s work out what really matters.

This week: Working from home is de rigueur, JEDI redux, and more about Nvidia/Arm.

Survey Says: Devs Stay Out of Office

First up this week: GitHub’s annual survey of developers has some fascinating data on the workplace (ahem) “new normal.” The pandemic has radically changed devs’ expectations of where they can do their jobs.

Analysis: WFH is SOP

As with other roles, Dev people want to continue to work from home. But does this pose a threat to your DevOps culture? Make sure you can do Ops with equal flexibility.

Paul Krill: Dev productivity is back to pre-pandemic levels

GitHub’s “2021 State of the Octoverse” research … sees signs that work rhythm is returning to pre-pandemic levels. GitHub also found that 46 percent of developers who worked co-located with teammates now expect to work fully remotely or in a hybrid environment.



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