Your holiday reading sorted: book recommendations from DevOpsGroup

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It’s no secret that 2021 will bring new challenges for organisations of all sectors, sizes and locations. Repercussions of Covid-19 are apparent everywhere and circumstances continue to evolve at pace. The ability to adapt rapidly to change has never been more important.   

As you take time to pause and reflect over the holiday period, you might find yourself reaching for a business book. It’s a great way to expand your horizons and challenge your thinking. A good read can equip you with fresh ideas and approaches, which may be exactly what you and your business needs to start the new year with confidence and purpose.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite, most informative and insightful business titles. If you read one book over the holidays, make sure it’s one of these.

DevOpsGroup’s recommended reading

DevOps-focused titles

The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford

This is the archetypal DevOps text. It follows…


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