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11 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools For 2023

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January 24, 2023

Best Cross Browser Testing Tools

According to the World Quality Report 2023 published by Capgemini in partnership with Sogeti and Micro Focus, 72% of organizations believe Quality Engineering and Testing can make a difference with the environmental aspects of sustainable IT.

To enable seamless end-user experiences, one needs to test new technologies differently than in the past, with a fresh approach to testing and software quality validation. The end-user or customer who uses an application expects an assurance of quality. Organizations require a mechanism that makes it simple for developers to create the best web applications that work on every device. This is why cross browser testing is important to your business and is considered more of a necessity than an addition to web development.

However, while performing cross browser testing, covering all the latest and legacy browsers, browser versions, devices, and operating systems can be cumbersome. In addition, setting up an in-house test infrastructure can…

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