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18 Best Android Testing Tools For 2024

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February 27, 2024

 Best Android Testing Tools

Over time, the app market has gotten extremely competitive. In a highly competitive market, one way for developers to stand out is to build and produce mobile apps that are functional, reliable, and bug-free. While functionality is something developers need to figure out, making a bug-free app is getting easier with the help of mobile automation testing.

Briefly defined, mobile automation testing means automating the testing process for mobile apps and allows you to find issues or bugs before production or the end user encounters them.

When we think of mobile apps and operating systems, only two names come to our mind, Android and iOS. These are the two most popular and dominant operating systems in the mobile market. While these are not the only operating systems for mobile out there, these two are dictating the market. From the charts, as you can see, Android is dominating with a lead of 71.8%

Android is dominating


The amount of apps published on the Google Play Store has only kept…

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