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19 Best Practices for Node.js Automation Testing

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March 07, 2024

Node.js has become one of the most popular frameworks in JavaScript today. Used by millions of developers, to develop thousands of project, node.js is being extensively used. The more you develop, the better the testing you require to have a smooth, seamless application. This article shares the best practices for the testing node.js in 2024, to deliver a robust web application or website.

Let’s say you developed an application in Node.js about the weather forecast. Testing node.js for a weather forecast application is very complex due to numerous modules and features. For example, the web application will tell you the forecast for today and along with it, it will show you different parameters such as precipitation and humidity. This application will also require location tracking since every user is located at a different location. A user using weather application needs to have correct data because many things works on the weather of the day and of the subsequent days like…

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