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404: Role Not Found – Generative AI’s Impact on DevOps Jobs

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February 26, 2024

Many DevOps professionals are wondering if generative AI will be a friend or foe, even as DevOps remains at the forefront when it comes to onboarding new technologies. Our DevOps communities have been enabling and fostering the collaborative cultural shift and evolving roles and responsibilities of software professionals. In this article, we explore the impact of generative AI in key DevOps roles and explain how to prepare ourselves for the shift.

Let us start by highlighting the basic roles and their broad areas of responsibility so we begin with a common vocabulary.

Overview of DevOps Roles

DevOps roles are evolving quickly, but PagerDuty outlined six main DevOps roles for modern organizations.

  1. The DevOps Evangelist: Responsible for delivering changes, collaborating with dev and ops teams and working toward optimizing flow, enabling feedback and fostering experimentation.
  2. The Code Release Manager: Responsible for creating cadence between delivery and deployment of code. This role…

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