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5 Key Performance Metrics to Track in 2023

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March 31, 2023

It’s never a bad time to adopt healthy new habits for the mind and body, and for developers, it’s always a good time to consider new best practices at work. As 2023 rolls on, I’ve been thinking about some key performance metrics that help to ensure critical applications and websites perform optimally throughout the year—especially during unpredictable spikes.

To see why this is important, just look at the problems Ticketmaster had in November 2022 when Taylor Swift’s concert tickets went on sale. Fans of the pop idol (including me!) swamped the Ticketmaster site and brought the system to its knees, resulting in frustrated customers and a wave of bad publicity for the company.

These usage spikes and the problems they can produce are not uncommon. The holiday sales period, starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is notorious for technical issues that can cost retailers millions due to lost sales and other problems. And it’s not just retail. A few years ago, the…

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