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5 ways Google is making the share sheet better in Android 14

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March 28, 2023

Android 14 is currently in its Developer Preview phase, so Google hasn’t yet finalized what changes, new features, and API additions will make their way into the stable release. Still, from what we can see in the second Developer Preview release and in the documentation, it appears that Google is planning to revamp the share sheet in the coming release. Here are 5 changes to the share sheet we spotted in Android 14.

(A lot of this article won’t make sense if you aren’t familiar with what the share sheet is and how it works. Fortunately, we have a detailed explainer you can refer to right here.)

A dedicated row for app actions

One of the problems we identified with the share sheet is that, for the most part, it treats every app the same when it comes to displaying share targets. For example, Twitter’s share targets appear towards the bottom of the system share sheet because the list is sorted alphabetically. While it is possible for apps like…

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