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6 features your cloudops tool must have

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June 29, 2021

We’re still defining what cloudops is exactly, as well as clarifying what technology is needed to solve the core problems.

Like all cloud computing situations, it’s helpful to break down the core components of a working cloudops solution, such as AIops. Also, to define what the technology needs to do and the value it brings to the table. To this end I picked out six capabilities a cloudops tool should offer: 

Observe and gather data from any number of systems that are needed to find patterns to further analyze and act on. This has a few components to it, including the ability to leverage connectors and/or agents to communicate with the system under management, as well as to get the data back to some type of centralized cloudops system in a reliable way.

Correlate massive amounts of system data (noise) in meaningful ways. This includes determining patterns, such as where the data is coming from, and grouping the data before it can be analyzed in some…

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