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6 Ways To Empower Developers and Increase Productivity

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January 20, 2023

A big goal of DevOps is to increase productivity. Yet many organizations still struggle with the efficiency of their software release processes. In fact, 54% of engineers stated they have too many manual steps within their deployment process, according to an Armory survey. And with the pervasiveness of multi-cloud, developers now face an escalating number of deployment environments, each carrying their own nuances.

Development teams want to move as quickly as possible without barriers. Yet, there are often hurdles to seamless deployments. For example, the code might be 100% ready to deploy, yet someone still must validate it before it reaches production. Manual bottlenecks like this in the CI/CD process can make developers feel like their code isn’t worthy of deploying and may even amplify feelings of burnout.

I recently met with Anna Daugherty, senior product marketing manager at Armory, to see what technology leaders can do to remove barriers within their software release cycles…

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