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A Complete Guide To CSS Text Orientation

In General
July 21, 2023

As the Internet connects people from diverse linguistic backgrounds and cultures, ensuring that websites’ content is user-friendly and understood by all is vital. Presenting a website’s text in a way that caters to different languages improves its accessibility and inclusivity.

You can use CSS text orientation properties to improve a website’s text readability, layout, and navigation, such as text-orientation. Similarly, you can use the same properties to improve the website’s responsiveness.

Furthermore, in the case of a customer-facing website (e.g., B2C/B2B/B2B2C), reaching a wider audience means widening the potential customers for your product. However, people in other parts of the world should first be able to contextually understand your website’s content to be considered potential customers. This is where CSS text orientation proves to be very powerful.

In this blog, we’ll see how you can use CSS text orientation properties to improve the accessibility,…

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